Who is eligible to enter the competition?

The Family Caregivers Video Challenge is open to individuals over the age of 18, as well as teams of individuals over the age of 18, who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States and its territories.

Team members must be at least 18, but your video can include minors under 18 as long as the necessary consent forms are provided. (“Team members” do not include people who appear in the video but don’t make any other contributions to the submission.) For details on eligibility, review the Official Rules.

Release/consent forms are required for everyone who appears in the video, regardless of age. If your video features children (minors under 18), a parent or legal guardian must sign the consent form.

How do I enter?

To enter, you must do the following:

  1. Create an account on Caregivers.Challenge.gov or log in with an existing ChallengePost account.
  2. On Caregivers.Challenge.gov, click “Accept this challenge” to indicate your interest in participating. This step ensures that you will receive important challenge updates.
  3. Create a video and ensure the following (please read the Official Rules for complete requirements):
    1. Your video shares a personal story about managing the care of a loved one (prenatal or childcare, care for an elderly or disabled parent, relative or friend, or care for a spouse/partner)
    2. Your video describes how eHealth tools are used to support the health care management of the loved one described
    3. Your video encourages viewers to visit www.HealthIT.gov
    4. Your video is no longer than 2 minutes
  4. Confirm that you have read and agreed to the Official Rules. Submit your video by including a title; a link to the video on YouTube.com or Vimeo.com; a text description of your personal story and use of technology, and a transcript of the words spoken in the video. Upload consent forms for everyone who appears in your video, regardless of age.

What format or file type should I use for my submission?

  • Your video should be uploaded to YouTube.com or Vimeo.com. Paste the link in the Video field on the submission page.
  • Enter a text description of your personal story and use of technology in the Description field on the submission page.
  • To submit consent forms, you must first print out the forms and sign them by hand — typed names will not be accepted as signatures. Scan your signed forms and combine them into one file (ZIP, PDF, doc; any single file). Upload one file on the submission page.

What are the criteria for the winning submissions?

Your submission should consist of a video no longer than 2 minutes, a text description of your video, and a transcript of words spoken or sung in the video. The HHS panel of judges will select the winners based on:

  1. Creativity (Includes elements such as the creativity and coherence of the script/story)
  2. Potential Impact (Includes whether the video is compelling, inspiring, instructive, and share-able.)
  3. Video and Audio Quality (All types of videos will be accepted into the Challenge. However, effort to show quality of the video content, narrative and visual appearance will be assessed.)
  4. Video Plays (Includes the number of plays at the start of the Judging Period on either YouTube or Vimeo – whichever service was linked to in the submission. The more plays the video has the better it will score in this category.)

Submissions that contain inappropriate content or consist of someone else’s work will be disqualified. Please see the Official Rules for further details.

What will ONC and ChallengePost do with my submission?

ONC and ChallengePost will have the right to display and publicize your submission to the public on the challenge.gov website, HealthIT.gov web site –ONC’s one stop shop for consumer related information about health IT— and partner sites. They will also be allowed to publicize your name in connection with the submission and the challenge.

Can more than one person work on a submission and receive credit for it? And if the submission wins a prize, how will the prize money be split among the creators?

Yes, teams are encouraged. If a team of individuals is selected as a prize winner, the prize will be awarded to the lead representative of the team (the person who entered the submission). It will be up to the team leader to reallocate the prize money among the team members identified at the time of submission.

Can I enter more than one submission?

Yes. There is no limit to how many times an eligible person or team may enter. An individual may also join more than one team.

How does public voting work?

Visitors to the site can vote for as many submissions as they like, but no more than once for a single submission. At the end of the public voting period, the votes will be tallied and verified to determine the Popular Choice award winner.

Do I need a ChallengePost account to vote?

Yes. Before you can vote for a submission, please SIGN UP or LOG IN to your ChallengePost account.

How do I vote?

Log in to your confirmed ChallengePost account, go to the submission you’d like to vote for, then click on the VOTE button to vote.

Do tweets and Facebook likes count as votes?

No, they do not.

Can I create more than one account to vote?

No, the use of multiple email addresses or any form of automated vote processes will subject all votes from the person to disqualification.

Can I pay people to vote for me?

Solvers may not pay or otherwise compensate anyone or provide any other type of consideration in exchange for votes.

Are votes checked for eligibility before the Popular Choice Prize winner is determined?

Just because a vote appears on the site does not mean it is an eligible vote. We take the integrity of the competition extremely seriously, and verify all votes via a wide variety of criteria before a Popular Choice Award winner is determined.

What do I do if I think someone is cheating to get more votes?

Send us an email at support@challengepost.com and include a link to the submission in question.

How do I follow the Family Caregivers Video Challenge and get updates?

Sign up on the challenge website and click “Follow” or “Accept this challenge” to receive email updates. Follow us on Twitter: @ONC_HealthIT or by using the hashtag #Caregivers.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Family Caregivers Video Challenge?

Email us at support@challengepost.com